Welcome to Cutie Wheaties! I am a zootherapist and breeder. I have been breeding beagles for more than 10 years. A few years ago I came across the Soft Coats Wheaten Terrier breed and fell in love with them. Copain is our first Wheaten Terrier that came into our life. We got him as a puppy and he is now almost 3 years old.

As a Zootherapist I needed a Hypoallergenic dog for some of my clients and the Wheaten Terrier was the best fit for us. Copain is such a good dog with an amazing temperament...everyone falls in love with him. He is a big lovable teddy bear. Contrary to the breed Copain is a very laid-back and mellow Wheaten and people are so surprise usually Wheaten are very active dog. I have been asked so many times if I would breed him. People wanted puppies from this great dog. This is why after many years of breeding beagle I have finally decided to start breeding Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier and Whoodle. (Wheaten Terrier x Standard poodle)

We live on a hobby farm east of Ottawa. All of my pets are seen on a regular basis by my vet and are current on vaccinations. I provided the best care and love for all of my dogs. I believe in breeding good quality pets, great family dogs and healthy puppies! I prefer quality over quantity. When someone purchases a puppy from me, I encourage them to stay in touch and contact me with any questions or issues they may have. I truly believe in giving my clients a high quality of customer support even years after they have purchased a dog from me.

Please browse my web site and check back often for new additions and changes. Thank you!

Véronique Giroux - veronique@CutieWheaties.com
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